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What does an educational consultant do?
Help junior and senior high school students select colleges to apply to and assist them in preparing applications which are most likely to result in admission to the colleges of their choice.

How does she do this?

  • Review students academic records, test scores, and extra curricular activities to establish a profile
  • Recommend a list of academic institutions most likely to admit students with the profile
  • May advise on areas the student could work on to improve a profile
  • Review essays and make recommendations

Andrea Wieland
Masters of Science in Counseling:
Empahsis in Higher Education
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

By Appointment Only
Andrea D. Wieland
Greeley, CO 80634
Best way to contact by email:
wielandad at comcast dot net

Why use an Educational Consultant?

Educational Consultants are familiar with many colleges and universities and student profiles of those they admit. Economy of time, effort and money can be achieved by selecting for application the colleges students are most interested in and which will be most interested in the applicant.

What does a career counselor do?

  • Give client assessments and questionnaires that help evaluate strengths and interests
  • Provide information on careers which utilize those strengths and interests
  • Teach client how to research various career options
  • Provide guidance and instruction in decision making, especially about career choices

Is there any advantage in using an Educational Consultant who is also a skilled Career Counselor?

Some High School students know what they want to do in a college career and how they can utilize that education to build a work career. For those who do not or are not sure, a thorough assessment of personality, skills, aptitudes and interests and the opportunity to discuss potential careers with a knowledgeable professional can assist in choosing majors in college. With this informed choice, students are most likely to focus their educational efforts in directions they will find interest, rewards and success.

You may ask, "Isn’t college a time to ‘find oneself’? Why should the student pick a life time career before starting college?"

Choice of major or focus in college shouldn’t necessarily be so narrow as to prevent exploration, growth, and some change in goals. However, focus or major should hook the interest and commitment of the student to study and succeed. Today many people will make as many as 4-7 career changes. Success breeds success; the student who likes and can achieve in a particular major is best prepared to make future changes.

Please review the article done in the New York Times about what Educational Consultants do:

New York times




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