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Get help for your high school student from a highly qualified and experienced Career Counselor: Andrea Wieland, M.S.

High School Counselors provide a valuable service, however, the fact that they often carry case loads of 500 or more students limits how helpful they can be for individual students. In contrast, Andrea Wieland will provide extensive assessment and counseling individualized to meet the needs of your child.

Andrea bases her career counseling not only on her educational preparation as a Career Counselor; but also on her 7 years of experience in admissions, career counseling, and disabled student services in academic intitutions of higher learning.

Her objective is to help a student clarify his/her interests, skills and values to help in identification of appropriate career options. Andrea will then equip your child with the information and abilities to select and gain admission to the academic institution of higher learning that will prepare him/her for the identified preferred future career.

Services provided will include:

  • Testing to determine aptitudes, interests, skills, values and personality to assist in identifying appropriate academic majors and potential careers
  • Assistance in applying to academic institutions of higher learning that are compatible with majors of interest and that are consistent with career goals
  • Assistance with Financial aid applications
  • Coaching in the art of interviewing as part of the process of applications to academic institutions of higher learning
  • Advice on activities to enhance applicant’s appeal to selected academic institutions of higher learning
  • Help for students with disabilities in finding and accessing resources

An estimated 3-5 sessions are necessary to provide the optimin outcome. A 30 minute FREE evaluation is offered to determine how many additional sessions will be needed to meet an individual client’s needs and goals.

Helping students achieve their potential!



Greeley Colorado
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